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Farmer’s Ball 2011

Proudly announcing our 8 participating bands.

Thanks for all our submissions! We’ve determined that the candidates shall be …

Captain Ahab and the Narwhals 
Fire in the Churchyard
Instant Tradition
Panda Circus

KJHK’s annual battle of the bands is back, with this year’s melee happening Oct. 13-15 at the Jackpot Music Hall!

We start the marathon off with a pre-party featuring last year’s Farmer’s Ball winners, The Will Nots, plus Hospital Ships and Nezbeat. That’s on Thursday, Oct. 13.  Then, the real fun begins …

The eight contestant acts will play in a rapid-fire preliminary round on Friday, Oct. 14.  The top four vote-getters on that night will compete for the title in the final round on Saturday, Oct. 15, and winners will receive some fantastic prizes!