Radiohead special on Colbert tonight

Radiohead is bustin’ up the mainstream media circuit. 

Thom, Johnny, Ed, Colin and Phil – plus the new drummer guy? – will, apparently, be running the Colbert Nation in an hour-long special tonight.

Will you watch? Would you rather just watch Meeting People is Easy to help revive your fame-is-so-bloody-alienating, post-bleach-blond, pre-bowler-hat Thom vibe? (Who knew that was on Hulu? Score.) Is it still OK to like (OK, I mean obsessively love like you have for more years than you haven’t) Radiohead when it’s almost a punchline that everybody and his brother does, and now that they’re hawking Dr. Pepper? Did the SNL performance of “Staircase” just make you coldly miss the wild-and-wonderful Kid A days?

Radiohead at Grant Park, 2008.

Do all these rhetorical questions and absurdly complex compound modifiers make it seem like I’m trying to emulate the likely-no-long-relevant master of made-up pop culture shorthand, Carles? Yes, yes it does.

But in all seriousness, I am curious. Friends and frienimies alike know of my Radiohead obsession, but as a music-loving twentysomething, I don’t think I’m alone in seriously feeling a connection to a band I grew up with and, more importantly, one that continues to grow up with me.

Alex Garrison

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