Life in the favela

Sarah Stern and Gary Mark Smith tell Ad Astra Radio about their visit to Rocinha, the largest favela in Rio de Janeiro.

University of Kansas student Sarah Stern, acclaimed street photographer Gary Mark Smith, and journalism graduate Carlos P. Beltran visited Rio de Janeiro as part of a multi-year study into how the Brazilian government’s attempt to eliminate the gangs of the favelas. The group spent three weeks living in the Brazilian slums of Rocinha. Stern and Smith spoke recently with Ad Astra Radio’s Joanna Hlavacek.

Below are some of Gary Mark Smith’s photos from Rio. For more of his photos, check out

- Nick Curry

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  1. I found both the content and the delivery very exciting; the pace and the vibrancy coming across through the interviewees kept the listener(me) riveted. I loved the photos and the pungent sense of place I got from the descriptions… I could sense also that the interviewer Joanna Hlavacek (my daughter!) was thoroughly “in the mix” with this compelling account.

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