Future Islands: “On the Water”

Need music for homework?  Check this one out.

The Future Islands is one of my favorite bands to listen to when I need to relax, chill out and do a project,  or anytime I want satisfying and uplifting music.  The Future Islands play a synthy version of rock music that sounds a lot like classic New Order.  All of the songs on this new album, On The Water, are really…romantic? Not sure how else to describe this music, but it makes my emotions run wild.  Don’t forget to check out this album or their whole catalog for that matter, it is all fantastic.

Reviewed by Zack Marsh on Oct. 3, 2011

RIYL: Clinic, New Order

REC: 8, 2

FCC Warning: None

Label: Thrill Jockey

Release Date: October 4, 2011

KJHK 90.7 FM