Hospital Ships in-studio

KJHK knows you’ve been eager to listen, so check out all songs the band recorded for us…NOW!

from Nick Curry

originally aired on Ad Astra Radio season 2 episode 8 on October 13, 2011.

Wednesday Jordan Geiger, Nick Stahl and Taylor Holenbeck of Hospital Ships stopped by the KJHK and performed a 45-minute acoustic in-studio. They sat patiently during some minor equipment malfunctions.  After the set, they headed back to one of KJHK’s production rooms for an interview with Ad Astra’s Nick Curry.
Hospital Ships performed with The Will Nots and Nezbeat to kick off KJHK’s annual Famer’s Ball at our pre-party show tomorrow night at the Jackpot Music Hall.


Joan of Arc


Carry on


Old Skin


My Phantom Limb

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