Freeform signup goes digital

Calling all KJHK DJ’s, help keep your station on the air over Winter Break.

This year, KJHK’s Freeform sign up sheet is available online. You can tweet, upload new pictures of your poodle to facebook and check your email –all while signing up for a rotation spot. Isn’t technology magical?

Freeform officially starts at 12:01 am Saturday morning, Dec. 17th.

The sign up sheet is accessible through your personal account dashboard. A tutorial about the new sign up sheet is available here.

 If you take 5 minutes and learn how to do this, it will make everyone’s signup process easier – no more Freeform binder, no more calling the studio or running up here to see what’s available – it’s all online!

Email Nick Michael at or Alex Tretbar at if you have any questions.

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