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Not your average political news and talk show.

Res: L. Thing, object, being, matter, affair, event, fact, circumstance.

Publicus: L. Of the people, public, open to all

ResPublica will be a weekly show devoted to public affairs, events and facts. This is not your traditional news, commentary or political talk show. Rather, the mission of ResPublica is to move beyond the usual discourse and polarization that often is layered in reporting and analysis of public affairs. The shows first segment will cover the important “headlines and bylines” of the week. These could include op-eds from both major and local newspapers that present interesting or unique perspectives, clips from interviews or speeches and news coverage from the past week. The second part of the show will focus on and idea/concept/theme. In this part, we will explore a theme in detail by listening to speeches, looking at excerpts from written works, discovering new or innovative research and the occasional interview with experts on the topic.


by thomas ringenberg
tune in to respublica every monday night from 7 to 8 p.m.