The “GRAFF” Report: NBA in the Spotlight


NBA Commissioner David Stern can’t get much happier than he is with the current state of his league.  In the past week the league has provided continued Linsanity, a 50-point performance, and the return of several of the biggest stars in the game.


Jeremy Lin is no longer an unknown bench player among basketball fans.  Over the course of a month, Lin has inspired Knick fans’ coining of the term “Linsanity.”  Jeremy Lin has taken over as the NBA’s Tebow story and New York has climbed to seventh place and playoff territory.


Just when you thought the storylines couldn’t get much better for the Association.  Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook combined for 91 points in a single game.  Kevin Durant’s 51 points, a career high, paired with Westbrook’s 40, led to a 124-118 victory over the Denver Nuggets.  Scoring overshadowed Serge Ibaka’s 15-rebound performance.


The return of Derrick Rose and Carmelo Anthony adds to the NBA’s intrigue of late.  Rose returned with a solid 35-minute performance scoring 23 points with six assists and five boards.  The Bulls superstar may not be 100 percent, but he’s still exhibiting his ability to get to the basket.


LInsanity creeps into another story line as the world waits to see how Melo and Lin mesh over the upcoming weeks.  The Knicks recent rash of injury allowed Lin to step up and make a name for himself.  If Melo and Lin can mesh there’s no ceiling for the Knicks success.


The NBA is a hot commodity at the moment.  For David Stern, there’s no better time than now, between the NFL and the start of baseball season, for his sport to take the spotlight.