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Love on Vintage Vinyl

It’s the Time… of the Season… for Loving.

Oh me, oh my. This weather.. right? I was gone during Spring Break so I wasn’t here to experience Lawrence’s monsoon season, but I have to say that since I got back it has been absolutely gorgeous. As I right this blog entry I am sitting in my dining room, pausing to gaze out the open window at the trees and impending sunset. I have a half-full french press full of black coffee and a free evening in which to do what I please. I love Spring. Everything smells so fresh.. even the stinky white flower trees on campus don’t smell stinky anymore, I swear.

It is while sitting here, breathing in that sweet spring air, that I have decided to give this week’s show a theme of love. Not even just romantic love, but love in general. Springtime is, after all, for lovers, and what’s not to love? Sunshine, birds, open-toed shoes, longer days.. I’m okay with this. And my vinyl will be reflecting all these feel-good vibes this week with lovely, spring-y songs about love.

You’ve been warned.

by dj modrey hepburn
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