Max Green talks

The artist is back and better than ever.

by megan hazelwood

After a recent separation from his former band, Escape The Fate, Green is back on the scene with The Natural Born Killers. In this exclusive interview, Green finally breaks his silence and shares his side of what happened between him and Escape The Fate. Stepping away from the past and focusing on what everyone is dying to know, Green excitedly shares information about his new band, The Natural Born Killers. He lets KJHK in on the sound and line-up of The Natural Born Killers and shares when fans can expect more music. Watch the three part interview for all of the details!


16 Responses to “Max Green talks”
  1. Erika says:

    I love you Max Green!!

  2. Brittnee says:

    Such an amazing guy! Cannot wait until we get to hear more, for a full-length album, and a tour! <333

  3. Rayy says:

    :’) Max<33 That smile of his is beyond adorable. Glad he's back<3

  4. Vita says:

    He seems to be so happy lol
    Glad he’s fine…here XD

  5. Leah Green says:

    Post it on YouTube please! Thanks sooo much for doing this interview!!!

  6. I run a fan page for max (Max Green’s Heart), and I absolutely love this man.
    He is my inspiration. Forever.

  7. Mackensie says:

    He is such a great role modle and hero I love him…Max you saved my life and I bet youll do it again

  8. April Van Caille says:

    Is he gonna keep still any time soon? He’s jittery as hell! Still, nice interview!

  9. Rebecca E says:

    So glad to see an interview with him! I agree with the person above me, if you post it on youtube, it will get more views! Thanks so much for posting this :]

  10. oddd says:

    awesome interview well done ;]

  11. Leah Green says:

    Is Samie Jayden in the band? =/

  12. Sarah says:

    So good to hear from Max!

  13. kelly666 says:

    MaX iS bAcK oN tRaCk!!! <3 MaXwElL sCoTt GrEeN!!!!

  14. Ed says:

    I think he got kicked out of natural born killers too..

  15. Caroline says:

    Aw, I teared when he talked about Escape the Fate with Ronnie. (Dying Is Your Latest Fashion will always be my favourite album.) I’m so happy he’s all excited for NBK. I really hope everything turns out well for him from now on.

    Thank you so much for doing this interview!! The world really needed to make sure he was ok c: I understand how disappearing helped him fix things up though.

    I love you Max. Stay happy <3

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