Blau’s Two Cents: Season Preview

By: Alex Blau

As the bells chime from the campanile and the sun starts to set tomorrow at Memorial Stadium there will be a new fresh smell in the air. The Jayhawks are going to be coming out of an NCAA worst 10 game loosing streak, including one conference win the past two years.


To sum things up, the Kansas Jayhawk football program hit complete rock bottom the past two years.


However, there is a new hope for the program and fans across the nation. This past offseason, Athletic director Sheahon Zenger hired former Kansas City Chiefs and New England Patriots Offensive Coordinator Charlie Weis. Weis brings a new offense to the Jayhawks, which has been lacking the past 2 years, along with super bowl rings and a great recruiting track.


Weis also brings along one of his former Quarterbacks from Notre Dame in Dayne Christ, who came out of high school ranked one of the top players in the nation and although injuries have hurt him in the past, he will sure be an upgrade.


The Jayhawks have a lot of high hopes coming into the season but I think as fans the most important thing is to realize that that only 4 or 5 wins would be incredible for this program. The Charlie Weis hire is one of the best things that could happen at this point in time for the program and the Jayhawks have set themselves up to be a potential powerhouse in the Big 12 in the coming years.


With the success that the team had in 2007 and 2008 I think we saw how well these fans respond to a good, competitive football team. As a student I hope that everyone can show up, be loud and cheer this team to victory, because I think there truly is something special about to happen with this new and improved team.

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