Blau’s Two Cents: Week 3

By: Alex Blau

So, here we are again. Charlie Weis is already finding himself in a tough spot as the Jayhawks dropped their first game of the season last weekend to Rice.


Things for this week are looking rather bleak as well. The Jayhawks are facing a TCU team that is ranked in the top 25 with a very good quarterback and an above average defense.


The Jayhawks are 26-point underdogs coming into the game this weekend.


I am by no means expecting a win this week but am very interested to see how this team is going to respond. The past 3 seasons when the Hawks start to lose, they continue to lose.


I truly believe this weekend is going to be one where we see what Charlie Weis is made of and why we hired him as head coach at KU. Its going to be very interesting to see how Weis handled this week’s practice as well as the attitude around the program.


Weis was brought into the program to establish a winning attitude that had been missing the past 2 years. I want to see a Jayhawk team come out and be firing on all cylinders on Saturday. If they are hanging with the horned frogs until the 3rd quarter I would be very happy.


I think the Jayhawks are going to come out this weekend and surprise people. I think there truly is a chance the Hawks could stay close this weekend. If Memorial stadium can get up and be loud anything could happen.