All The Bacon and Eggs: MLB Playoffs Heating Up

By Joe Fuentes


MLB Playoffs

With only 16 games left in the regular season for baseball, the American League divisional race and National League wild card race is heating up. In each American League division there are at least two teams vying for each division title. In the American League, I think that the Yankees will hold out to win the East, the White Sox will hold on to the Central title, and the Rangers will win the West. The Wild Cards in the American League will be Oakland and the Orioles. I was thinking that the LA Angels would have a shot at the last wild card spot, but they have to play the Rangers six more times, and the Rangers have the best record in the American League. In the National League, I think the Washington Nationals will win the East, the Cincinnati Reds will take the Central, and the San Francisco Giants will win the West. For the Wild Card, Atlanta has all but locked up the first spot, and for the second, I think that the Dodgers will pull it out. The Pittsburgh Pirates will continue their free fall and the St. Louis Cardinals will not have enough left to finish on top. Finally, my beloved Chicago Cubs will NOT lose 100 games, though it will be close.



5 Predictions in College Football for this weekend and beyond:

1. Notre Dame will go to a BCS bowl at the end of the season.

2. There will NOT be an Alabama vs. LSU rematch in the National Championship.

3. Oklahoma will roll over Kansas St. this weekend at home.

4. West Virginia will be in the top 10 at the end of the year.

5. Kansas will beat Northern Illinois this weekend and Dayne Crist will finally throw more than one touchdown in a game as a Jayhawk.



Here’s My Take On It:

High school Senior RB, Thomas Tyner, ran 644 rushing yards and 10 touchdowns over the weekend. On top of it being a monster game for him, it was also his 18th birthday. Tyner has committed to the University of Oregon and is also a state champion sprinter in high school track. This kid will definitely be one to watch once he begins his career at Oregon.


Metta World Peace (Ron Artest) was on ESPN Radio Los Angeles and said his intention for the Lakers this year was to go after the elusive 72-10 regular season record set by the Chicago Bulls. Personally, Ron, (I mean Metta) is dreaming. This seems more like Vince Young’s declaration last year that the Eagles were the “Dream Team.” The Lakers may win the West, but they are not going to go 73-9.


Finally, the replacement referees in the NFL are getting out of hand. Before Sunday’s games, two referees were removed from games due to conflicting interests. One referee was removed because of his loyalty to a certain team and the other because he had previously been a paid practice official for one of the teams. Overall, the NFL needs to get their act together and get proper NFL referees back on the field. The fans, teams, and players are starting to get fed up with the way games are being called. Sooner or later these refs are going to blow a big call that will land the NFL in a tough position with the professional refs, teams, and fans.



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