Blau’s Two Cents: The Chiefs………So Far

By: Alex Blau

This week I decided to shy away from the Jayhawks and focus on yet another football team that is off to a big struggle this season.

The Kansas City Chiefs are coming off of two absolutely horrendous football games, including a blowout at home to the Falcons and a blowout on the road to the very mediocre Buffalo Bills, where quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick looked like an MVP.


So what’s the problem with this years team? The talent that surrounds the team isn’t lacking. Dwayne Bowe is still one of the best receivers in the league; the defense is packed with young stars such as Eric Berry and Brandon Flowers.


I think the biggest problem is quarterback Matt Cassel. People can say that he gets a bad wrap but the simple fact is he is not and should not be our quarterback of the future. He is constantly missing downfield passes, hanging on to the ball to long if the first option is covered and most of all not being what he’s supposed to be, a leader. Cassel needs to start stepping up and prove that he can win football games; otherwise I would expect big changes after this season.


My other big problem is the players in general. I have never seen a team come out and play like the Chiefs have in these first two games. No heart, not diving head first for fumbles, taking horrible routes to the ball on defense.


Kansas City is thriving for a great team and the fact that the Chiefs have come out and played so pathetically the first two games is inexcusable. We have some of the best fans in the entire country and its time for the Chiefs to start playing with some purpose.


I don’t believe this season is completely in the dumps yet but if Pioli wants to keep his job then he better send a message to this team.

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