The Experimentation of Japanese Rock

 The host of Audio Origami reviews new albums in the world of Japanese Rock

This month at least two very noteworthy albums have been released in the J-rock genre.  On Sept. 19 the indie rockers, OGRE YOU ASSHOLE, released their fourth LP entitled 100年後 (100 years later).  Originally they were described as music reminiscent of American bands such as Modest Mouse, Television and Built to Spill.  Between this album and their previous one, it is clear that they have drastically changed their sound to exude a more funky, soft, poppy feel.  I wouldn’t say that I’m too pleased with their new direction, however I always appreciate experimentation, and their new album is very listenable.  Unfortunately, they have not released this one in the states yet, and I haven’t been able to come across any talk of it on any English sites.  Here’s a link to the video for the track, 夜の船、meaning Ship of the Night:

On the heavier, crazier side of things, we have a new album from Zazen Boys who have a reputation for strange, complex rhythms and rapidly changing time signatures.  As of late, they’ve taken on a more electronic, danceable sound.  Their new album was released in the states Sept. 9 and is entitled Stories.  I always enjoy hearing what these guys are up to.  If you enjoy math rock or anything weird and experimental, then give this a listen.  Here’s a link to a track off the album entitled ハートブレイク(heartbreak):

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