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The psychedelic sounds of late night

DJ SpaceCase shares inspiration for Ambient Transience this semester

Its my 7th show on Ambient Transience, and I’m just now writing my blog. I’m behind on things, I know, but life is busy, right?

I started off my first show with some music to truly meditate on; I explored the diversity of the Sitar from both Eastern and Western artists, like the Sitar god Ravi Shankar, his prodigy George Harrison, Rashid Khan, and even the Kinks.

Next, I looked at Klaus Schulze, the founder of the German progressive movement Krautrock for ambient inspiration.

With Space as my inspiration for my third show, I played artists like William Orbit, Deuter, Solar Quest, Laraaji, and even my all-time ambient hero: Brian Eno.

I went with a Psychedelic theme as inspiration for my fourth show with Caravan, Silver Apples, Le Orme and Black Moth Super Rainbow; I showcased both contemporary and progressive groups, for the Psychedelic genre has maintained a solid presence in independent music for at least fourty years.

As I formulate my playlists out of some fairly diverse genres, I’ve noticed a definite overlap; though popular music possesses a seemingly infinite array of genres and artists, many musicians with similar tastes collaborate, creating unique music for their listeners.

Last night on Ambient Transience, I played chill tunes from some of my favorite movie soundtracks.

Ground Control, this is DJ SpaceCase, over and out.

Ambient Transience airs every Thursday from 12-2 a.m.