Crist and Cummings will play Saturday

Weis won’t reveal which will start, but both will be playing against Oklahoma

By Trevor Graff

In his mid-week press conference, head coach Charlie Weis announced that both Michael Cummings and Dayne Crist will be playing in this weekend’s game in Norman, Okla. agains the Sooners.

Coach Weis isn’t announcing which quarterback will start, saying he didn’t want to give the Stoops brothers the chance to narrow their game plan. Weis is working to tailor his offense to the players’ differing styles of play.

“I have a bunch of things in for this game,” Weis said. “We can’t just go line up and go vanilla figuring we’re going to slug it out and that will work to our advantage. I haven’t been sleeping very well, but I’ve been drawing plays in the dirt for 48 hours.”

Weis said Cummings doesn’t limit what the Jayhawks can do with their playbook.

“I owe it to my team, and I owe it to all the Kansas supporters to put the best product on the field. I think that Michael (Cummings) deserves an opportunity to play based off of his recent performance,” Weis said. “Both quarterbacks have been informed they will play.”