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Tech N9ne concert review

KC rapper Tech N9ne performed at The Granada Oct. 10 before his European tour

By Ida Greenwell

I recently went to the Tech N9ne show and, boy, it was a show.  This semi-local rapper, from Kansas City, recently finished his record breaking tour of 90 shows in 99 days and is leaving soon for Europe where he will be preforming in 22 different cities. His excitement was pretty clear and came out through his energetic performance.

His set, although I have been told he has been preforming it for the last couple years, was extremely entertaining.   He managed to mix his gangsta rap with a lot of comedy, exchanging jokes and audience competitions with his co performer Krizz Kaliko. Also, what could be more funny that a song explaining what an areola is?  Tech N9ne upheld a pretty personal relationship with the audience giving shout outs to the girls when they flashed him and reaching into the audience for hi-fives.

You could tell that Tech takes his shows pretty personally and I really respected his local pride. He talked about KC barbeque how he was eating as much of it he could before he left for Europe.  He also featured a KC rap group the 816 boyz, from Kansas City, Missouri. It will be interesting to see how Europe responds to Tech with his face paint and quirky sense of humor. It will also be interesting to see if he is able to connect with a foreign crowd when he is used to being able to reference signature aspects of his hometown.  He finished the set with his classic “I’m a Playa” accompanied by Krizz Kaliko and the 816 boyz doing a semi-choreographed dance, it was the prefect end to a Wednesday night.

Listen to an interview with Tech N9ne the day of his show at The Granada

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