KU hip-hop artist releases new music

Matt Easton shows his talent on M.E. Musique

By Colin Wright

Matt Easton stopped by I-70 Independent earlier this month to talk about his new mixtape called “M.E. Musique.”  Easton, a senior at KU from Chicago, is a hip-hop artist who also writes and produces most of his songs.  While his first single “Live Life” has nearly 400,000 views on YouTube, Easton has shied away from what he calls “frat rap” and his new music has a much different sound than what you might expect from a college student who loves KU sports and hanging out with his boys.

Unlike most hip-hop artists, Easton is more than just a man with a mic on stage. He plays the piano and has recently incorporated that into his music.  “Kryptonite” is one of many songs off his new mixtape that features his piano skills and help make his sound so unique.

This past summer, he appeared on The Voice and made it past the opening round after receiving compliments from the likes of Simon Cowell and Britney Spears.  While he fell short of making it into the final 32, that experience has motivated Easton to continue to pursue his dream of making music.

The final track on “M.E. Musique” should be the anthem for any Jayhawk fan.  “Rock Chalk” talks about the history of KU sports and the origin of the Jayhawk, while also taking a jab at K-State and Mizzou. The song has received love from some Wildcat fans on the web (i.e. “K-State for life but Matt Easton can rap”) and was also featured in a Late Night in the Phog recap video.

While you may not recognize him on campus yet, Matt Easton is making a name for himself with catchy beats, meaningful lyrics and more talent than your average new hip-hop artist.  Easton will open for Asher Roth and Kids These Days on November 15 at the Granada.

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