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KJHK election special

 KJHK’s election coverage from the Media Crossroads at the Kansas Union

On Nov. 6, KJHK broadcast a special election show live from the Media Crossroads at the Kansas Union. The event was a partnership between radio storytelling and visual components to show the whole picture of this important night. Hosts Kaitlin Brennan and Claire McInerny, along with producer Sara Sneath, featured produced pieces from Ad Astra reporters, live panel discussions with prominent political leaders on KU’s campus and polling updates with Political Fiber editors. Below you can listen to the show in its entirety as well as the produced stories.


Campaigns and Curriculum
Ad Astra reporter Mollie Pointer talked with a journalism and political science professor about how they change their classes during an election season.

The Politics of an iPod
PoliticalFiber.com reporters Colin Wright and Merit Ehmke asked students what music they were listening to on their iPods and try to relate the music to who they voted for.

Kids say the darndest things
Ad Astra reporter Joanna Hlavecek spoke with kids at the Lawrence Public Library about their thoughts on the election.

Open for debate
Ad Astra reporter Scott Ross entered the world of academic debate to see how the polished work of student debaters compares to the Presidential ones we saw during this election.

The conflict in Syria- Opinion
PoliticalFiber.com columnist, Matt Johnson, reads an opinion column about the conflict in Syria that was published on the website Aug. 31.

Pragmatism over partisanship- Opinion
PoliticalFiber.com columnist, Brian Sisk, reads his column about the extreme polarization between the two parties.

How negativity drove the campaigns- Opinion
Brian Sisk shares another opinion piece about how the negativity between the two parties is worse for America than terrorism.