A Love Letter To The NBA

This November not only brings back the NBA, but James Bond in Skyfall!

By Joe Fuentes



Dear NBA,


Oh how I have missed you. It’s been a long offseason, but you’re finally back and ready to start the season with a clean slate. Last season, I’m not going to lie, was tough on me. First, the Heat won the championship giving LeBron his first ring. Unless he gets five more rings, he should never be compared to Jordan. It’s all about the rings and being able to put your name in the record books as someone who dominated their era. Then, I experienced the hardest moment as a sports fan… Derrick Rose went down with an injury in the playoffs. Words cannot describe how I felt when I saw him fall to the floor grabbing his knee. All teams dream of going all the way and winning the championship and my team’s vanished in the first round. With D-Rose still recovering, I have no doubt in my mind he will come back better than ever. He will live up to being called by Bulls color analysis, Stacey King, as being, “Too Big, Too Fast, Too Strong, and Too Good.”


Looking to the season ahead, it is clearly a two horse race with the Heat as the top dogs in the East and the Lakers out in the West. I would have thrown Oklahoma City in the race, but now with the recent trade of James Harden to Houston, I think the team will be a step below the other two. Speaking of trades; Dwight Howard AND Steve Nash on the Lakers! Are you kidding me? I’m surprised David Stern let this happen, since he blocked the original trade that would have sent Chris Paul to the Lakers last season. Even though the Lakers have not started the season off well, there is no need to panic if you’re a Laker fan. When you inject so much star power into a roster there is definitely going to be some growing pains. The players need game experience to grow and establish the chemistry needed to win a championship.

Now I’m going to share with you some predictions: In the East (the order I name them is the order I think they will finish the season): Heat, Brooklyn, Celtics, Pacers, Hawks, New York, Philadelphia, Bulls. In the West: San Antonio, Lakers, Oklahoma City, Denver, Clippers, Memphis, and Houston, Utah. The surprise team in the East will be the Brooklyn Nets. I think they will be legit challengers to the Heat in the East. The surprise team in the West will be the New Orleans Hornets. They will not make playoffs, but they will be close as long as the team stays healthy and Eric Gordon takes his game to the next level to become the veteran leader and scorer they need.


Overall, this is going to be a great season and from what we’ve seen already in the Heat Celtics opener, there are going to be some great games. Also, let other teams in the East know that whoever plays the Bulls in the first round watch out because that’s around when Derrick Rose should be back… just watch out. The MVP will be back.




Joe “Skyfall” Fuentes



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