Basketball coverage over winter break

KJHK is going off the air, but we’ll be back to cover basketball games

While students and faculty are away for winter break, KJHK will be in free form but our sports staff will be busy covering all home basketball games while classes are not in session. Below is a list of games that will take place during free form, so make sure to keep listening to KJHK for your Kansas Basketball coverage.

Men’s games:

Dec. 18- Kansas v. Richmond at 6 p.m.
Dec. 29- Kansas vs. American at 7 p.m.
Jan. 6- Kansas vs. Temple at 3:30 p.m.
Jan. 9- Kansas vs. Iowa State at 6 p.m.
Jan. 14- Kansas vs. Baylor at 8 p.m.
Jan. 22- Kansas at Kansas State at 7 p.m.

Women’s games: 

Jan. 2- Kansas vs. Kansas State at 7 p.m.
Jan. 13- Kansas vs. Baylor at 1:30 p.m.