Flacco leads Ravens to Super Bowl win

Baltimore’s players proved superior in the 47th Super Bowl

By Dylan Gehlbach

Despite a good second-half comeback effort from the San Francisco Forty-Niners, the Baltimore Ravens were able to hold on to take Super Bowl XLVII at a score of 34-31.

The Ravens got off to a hot start. Joe Flacco threw for three touchdowns, while the Niners were only able to put two field goals on the board for a halftime score of 21-6. Things got even worse for the Niners when Jacoby Jones returned the kickoff to start the second half for a 109 yard touchdown run. The distance is an NFL record, and the Ravens were firmly in control at 28-6.

Oddly, there was a power failure in the Superdome in New Orleans that suspended play for half an hour. Either the Niners were able to catch their breath over the break or they were inspired by Beyonce’s halftime show, because the Niners made a vicious comeback when it looked like they hadn’t a chance to win the game.

The Niners stormed back and had scored a touchdown to make the score 31-29. They then went for a two-point conversion after the touchdown but came up short due to quick pressure from the Baltimore defense.

On the next possession, Baltimore kicked a field goal go up 34-29 with 4:19 to play. San Francisco began a promising drive, giving them first and goal on the Baltimore seven-yard line. After three good defensive plays from Baltimore, the game came down to a controversial fourth down play on the Ravens’ five-yard line. Colin Kaepernick tried to get the ball to Michael Crabtree in the right corner of the endzone, but there was a no-call on some contact from the defender, and the ball was given to the Ravens with 1:46 left to go in the game.

The Ravens ran the ball for three downs, not advancing the ball. On fourth down with 11 seconds left to play, the Ravens pulled a fake punt, ran seven seconds off of the clock and proceeded to take a safety. The Ravens kicked the ball to San Francisco with four seconds left on the clock. Time expired on the next play, and the Ravens were the Super Bowl Champions.

It was a sweet moment for the Ravens who had success in the playoffs for the last few years but had not made it to the Super Bowl. Head Coach Jim Harbaugh was able to enjoy a victory while his brother, opposing Head Coach John Harbaugh, stormed off of the field. Ray Lewis was able to win his final game in the NFL and walk away with a championship win. Jacoby Jones scored two touchdowns in a stellar performance that was nicely complemented by Anquan Boldin’s key night with eight receptions for 84 yards on the big stage.

But nobody had as good a game as Joe Flacco. To take it a step further, no one looked better in the playoffs.

Flacco was 22 for 33 passing with 287 yards, three touchdown passes and no interceptions. That pushes his playoff numbers to 11 touchdowns and zero interceptions. In these playoffs, Flacco has proved with his great efficiency that he has become the quarterback that the Ravens have needed to win the big games and be mentioned among the elite in the game today.

Fittingly, Flacco was the MVP of the game and will be in talks for a good-looking contract coming extension coming up.