Donora-Play Nice

Eclectic pop with a danceable edge

Donora’s latest foray into the music scene captures everything that pop should be; good beats, a sweet sound, and light but still meaningful lyrics.  This is an album I’d have no problem jamming out to, and really the whole album is a call to jump up and dance.  Especially with pieces like “Under the Lights” and the titular “Play Nice” Donora’s infectious happiness pulls you into a simpler and sweeter world where dancing is just jumping around with friends and belting out the lyrics.  As such it’s a pleasant surprise that “Hold My Hand” is a more somber song but still has a dreamy, almost nostalgic quality to it, which, despite the change of pace, fits nicely into the rest of Donora’s latest EP.

Think:  Sweetness of pop with some eclecticism thrown in
Rec: 1, 2, 5
FCC: None
Label: Rostrum
Release Date: Jan. 29, 2013

Sean Turner reviewed this album on Feb. 3, 2013



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