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Wax Fang-Mirror Mirror

Frightfully delicious rock with a hunger for dark melodies

Wax Fang’s ‘Mirror, Mirror’ captures a horrific tone that has the ability to send chills down one’s spine. The EP emits a sound of dark melodic instrumentation, and it actually flows quite well with Scott Carney’s creepy vocals. Tracks “White Kane” and “Dawn of the Dead of the Night of the Hunter” carry strong melodies throughout without growing old or losing its scary touch, and even have a strong mid-nineties alternative rock vibe. Though the opening track, “Mirror, Mirror” starts off with what sounds like Emo-Kermit the Frog combined with pro wrestler Ric Flair’s famous ‘Mirror, Mirror’ speech, the song eventually gets on pace with future tracks. Overall, the album is a solid listen for rock fans and horror buffs alike, and will leave you wanting for more.

REC: 2, 3, 4, 1
FCC: Clean
Label: Karate Body Records