DJ Battle Scores at the Granada

DJ JCheeks reviews the Redbull Thre3style on Feb. 1

If you were sitting at home on the couch in your sweatpants on Feb. 1 you most likely missed the best show of your life! Dry those tears and uncurl from the fetal position (nobody likes a whiner) because I’m here to fill you in on what you missed.

Redbull Thre3style sponsored a DJ Battle for 5 local DJ’s to spin off and see who was the best party rocking DJ in Lawrence, Kan.  DJ Feast, DJ Kimbarely Legal, DJ Ray-Ban, Tom Richman and DJ Savy each had 15 minutes to mix three different genres of music together in hopes of getting the crowd pumped.  The catch was that no one song could be replayed.  The judges had a say (our own Hip-Hop director at KJHK, Colin Wright, was one of the highly esteemed judges to attend), but the competition did have a big focus on crowd participation and votes.

I loved DJ Kimbarely Legal for rocking out and representing for all of us fellow lady DJ’s.  However, my favorite by far was Tom Richman.  He came out of the gate hard and fast playing club hits mixed with some classic 90s jams.  He had “the whole club leanin’ wit it and body rockin’” as Young Buck would say.  I haven’t seen a DJ like that in my entire collegiate experience here at KU and I’m a senior (not a victory lap senior, but the validity still stands).  I’m not the only one that felt that way either. After tallying the judges scores and checking on Twitter, Richman was crowned Lawrence’s best party rocking DJ!  If you see Tom Richman on any flyers around town or spinning in one of the bars you best get your ass in there and check it out, because this guy is the ish.



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  1. Hip-Hop Fan says:

    Not Exactly what the author is talking about in this post! I was wondering if he knew anything about DJing or music at all? It seems funny but not only did not Tom Richman not deserve that title, neither did KimBarely Legal deserve 2nd place. These judges were obviously skewed and out of their minds when they announced the top two DJs. I’d love to sit down with this author to teach him something about what real skill and DJing is….It’s definitely not what anything to what KJHK has. But Can’t knock a boy for trying.

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