Ad Astra’s first show of 2013 looked at the different revivals going on around Lawrence

Revival originally aired Feb. 7

It’s always inspiring to discover a new way to improve yourself. Finding a new recipe that is good for you, getting a haircut that you actually like or maybe discovering a hobby that makes you feel redefined. Improvement is a pivotal point of every new beginning, and on this month’s Ad Astra we looked at the various revivals around us.

Listen to the whole show and the individual stories below.


Re-branding the Burge

On Jan. 29, the Burge Union hosted “Back to the Burge”, an open house event to get students to visit the Burge Union in hopes of becoming more relevant on campus. Reporter Kaitlin Brennan attended the event and talked with its coordinators.



10,000 Villages In One Storefront

In the age of high stakes commerce, 10,000 villages is a business that breaks the traditional business model. Its use of volunteer employees and a free-trade model help the artisans in other countries who create the products get a fair wage to support themselves. Reporter Cuee Wright learned more about this business that is breaking the traditional ideas of business.



Religious Revival

There are many forms of personal revival, whether it’s a health, psyche, or a lifestyle transformation. In this segment, Claire McInerny talks with one student who is undergoing a revival of her faith.












Decades ago, vinyl was the newest technology in the music world. Nowadays, compared to mp3s, CDs and various other forms of digital music, records seem outdated. But in the last year, vinyl has made a comeback and sales of records increased 39% in just the last year. Scott Ross looked into this resurgence of the trend.




An Invigorated Discussion on Black America

In the last year, Barack Obama was re-elected president and pop culture exploded with films about the historical roots of Black America. Krista Jobst looked into the invigorated discussion that is taking place.


Ad Astra airs once a month. It takes the place of Alternative Flashback and the next show is March 7. 

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