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Share your feedback about what you hear on KJHK to help us improve programming

As you know, KJHK’s staff is comprised of all volunteers, from DJs to news to sports staff. We’re always wanting to get better. The best way to raise the bar for our hosts is to have your feedback as listeners!

This is your chance to anonymously tell us your pet peeves about KJHK, by turning them into funny instructions for our hosts. Maybe it’s certain technical bugs you hear during a DJ’s shift (did anyone just hear a Facebook sound?). Maybe it’s something you’ve heard that you thought didn’t belong on KJHK. Maybe it’s a special program that you think could improve..the point is, we want to hear from you, and here’s how!

You can talk about any aspect of KJHK’s programming – just remember that our volunteers are human and have feelings; we want honesty from you portrayed in a funny way – that’s the best way we’ve found to educate our KJHK staff.

We will take the funniest constructive comments you give us and we reenact them all on a training video for KJHK staffers…if you can be humorous, real, and helpful (without too much snark or cruelty), we will use them in our March training video that we’ll share with our staff and you, the listener. Here’s how to do it:

1. Enter 1-3 funny but helpful critiques/suggestions in the form provided below – keep them brief for a better shot to show up as you wrote them.
2. Confirm your humanity.
3. Submit your feedback to help KJHK sound better.

One Response to “Help Us Help You!”
  1. Rob Klotz, former KJHK PD says:

    The station sounds great when I’m in town or tune in online, so keep up the fantastic work. Us old farts are damned proud of you keeping the tradition strong, sniffle.

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