The Grey Area- 3/7

We explore the murky area between what is known and what is expected

Quidditch on Campus

Created in the pages of the popular Harry Potter series, Quidditch is  a sport played on a broomstick with magical components like Quaffles and Snitches, but the sport has left the magical realm and now exists on college campuses across the country. Wil Kenney talks with KU’s top ranked Quidditch team about how this sport entered the Muggle world.


The Changing Law of Digital Privacy

In the past few decades, the Internet has changed how everything in our society functions from shopping to travelling to news. Kaitlin Brennan talks with members of the legal community about how the law is trying to accomodate to Internet standards and protects people’s privacy.


Engineering the Arts

When most of us think of engineers, complex math and science skills are what come to mind. In the KU Engineering Department, a group of students are completing a project that incorporates art and engineering skills. Reporter Cuee Wright looks into this odd pairing.