Herra Terra-Hyperborean

If you like M83 but prefer a more traditional rock sound, look no further

Herra Terra’s second release is an immersive experience of dreamy sound mixed with just the right rock edge.  If you ever felt like M83 was a little too alternative then this is definitely the band for you.  Take the dreamy, psychedelic vocals of M83 but backed up with a traditional four-man band and add a little extra synth.  Surprisingly it works out very well.  The band expertly navigates between the eccentric weirdness that can be a turn off for dreamy alternative bands, and the boring sound of a traditionally structured rock band.  What results is a wonderful matrimony between soaring vocals, and the pulse of rock.

Think: M83 with a more traditional rock
Rec: 1, 2, 6
FCC: None
Label: Mylene Sheath
Release Date: Feb. 26, 2013

Sean Turner reviewed this album on March 3, 2013


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