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The Trouble With Templeton-Six Months in a Cast

Flourishing vocals and sincere guitar abound

The Trouble With Templeton’s sophomore release, Six Months in a Cast, is a hidden gem of simple, crooning vocals, guitar twangs, and the occasional piano.  It’s easy to tell that the focus is rightly put on the lead singer’s wonderful voice, and its raspy quality creates a level of earnestness not found in many bands.  This is only furthered by the beautiful and achingly simple guitar melodies that, all together, give the songs their uniquely down-to-earth feel.  Even though the titular, and first song, “Six Months in a Cast” is unusually fast and more layered than the EP’s other songs it is arguably one of the best and also the perfect starting point.  The EP begins with this slightly more mainstream feel, which slowly gives way to the honest and simple sound that feels truer to The Trouble with Templeton’s nature, and ends with the soulful and slow “Tired.”  Either way Trouble with Templeton is well worth the listen to enjoy a flourishing new band’s recent release.

Think:  Sincere vocals backed by acoustic guitar
Rec: 1, 2, 3, 4 (5 is good just pretty slow)
FCC: None
Label: Independent/Unsigned

Sean Turner reviewed this album on March 3, 2013