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Charles Bradley – Victim of Love

Vintage soul from a new master

Charles Bradley’s backstory is enough to inspire anyone, for years he worked as a struggling James Brown impersonator trying to make ends meet. However, what he really wanted to do was record his own music and after years of finally trying, he got his chance. On his second album, Victim of Love, Bradley proves that soul is very much alive and well. Bradley’s voice carries these vintage soul tracks to soaring new heights, shaming many newer artists in the process. Highlights include the title track, as well as roaring stomp “Hurricane.” If you’re a person who loves soul and misses the sounds of James Brown, than Charles Bradley is the man for you.

Think: James Brown, 60s Stax Soul
REC: 4, 10, 11, 1
DNP: None
Label: Daptone
Release Date : April 2, 2013

Reviewed By: Jake Waters on April 4, 2013

charles bradley victim