Rutgers’ Scandal Shocks the Nation

Mike Rice scandal leaves many questioning the motives behind collegiate athletics.

By Brennan Keller

Photo by: NBC New York

Photo by: NBC New York

With quicker access to technology, sports fans are able to follow their favorite teams closer than ever before.  This quick and efficient technology has allowed the NCAA and college sports fans to keep a closer eye on the everyday action of various collegiate athletic programs.  Most of these athletic departments embrace this new change as websites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram allow their fans to interact and voice their opinions.  Unfortunately, sometimes this technology and social media can come back to harm these same athletic programs.

Perhaps the most shocking news in college sports this past month occurred last week when several clips of Rutgers’ basketball practices went viral.  The video showed former Rutgers head coach Mike Rice kicking his players, throwing basketballs at his players’ faces, shouting vulgar words to them, and treating them with no respect.  After the footage of Rutgers’ basketball practices was shown on ESPN, Fox sports, CBS, and online, the entire nation was absolutely stunned at what was witnessed.  The result of this college sports scandal led to the firing of Mike Rice as the Scarlet Knights head coach and the resignation of Tim Pernetti (former Rutgers athletic director) just a few days after.

This scandal is just one of many college sports scandals in recent years.  With an ever-growing desire for collegiate athletic departments to see their sports programs become the best in the country, there has been an ever growing “arms race” between colleges to build nicer facilities, recruit athletes earlier, and to spend more money than ever before in hopes of winning national championships.  With this ever growing “arms race”, the amount of collegiate athletic scandals that has occurred in recent years is unacceptable and also an embarrassment to what the NCAA, universities, players, and coaches stand for as a program and as individuals.  With these recent collegiate scandals in mind, the time has come for the NCAA to put their foot down and figure out a way to stop this bleeding.  The NCAA and every collegiate athletic program in the United States need to reevaluate their motives, values, and actually live up to their mission statements.  College fans, former players, coaches, and myself want to see enormous changes made by NCAA and universities to put an end to these unfortunate and embarrassing scandals.  How exactly can we stop these scandals from happening in the future?  Although there are many answers, I can guarantee you that this topic is going to grow in popularity in the upcoming months.

Here is a good video to watch to get more information regarding Rutgers’ recent incident: