Kurt Vile: Wakin On A Pretty Daze

Lucid tunes from the former Childish Prodigy

Kurt Vile (real name) is a brooding & blooming guitar auteur who has made many albums in a row of such high quality that I believe he will be remembered for decades to come. His work has always been predominately guitar-centric tracks with both a freedom and a definite vibe. The recording has come into higher fidelity over the past few records, yet still retains a lo-fi daze to it that makes it a good sound for sore ears. Vile sounds much more at peace with the world around him on this CD, and his tour learnings come across with a relaxed tone that doesn’t stress the importance behind them. It’s a good listen, so take a ride on the more grown up form of Vile’s “Freak Train”.

RIYL: Atlas Sound, Deerhunter, War on Drugs, Ganglians, Woods

REC: 1 (9:31), 3 (7:42), 4 (6:20), 5 (3:25), 6 (5:09), 7 (8:04), 10 (6:30), 11 (10:26)

FCC: Clean

Label: Matador

Add Date: April 9, 2013

Alex Applegate reviewed this album on April 10, 2013

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