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The Pledge – Zombie Nation

A great variety of sounds from The Pledge 

Zombie Nation is an album of songs that not only entertains but it also has a message of some important topics of today. “Fool For You”  has a nice chorus as well as giving Noel a great song.. “Nice 2 C U” starts with almost a completely different sound than most of the album.  “Soulrider” has a bit more of a country rock vibe to it but it still fits within the album as a whole.  “Sign of God” I find to be just a fun song with some good lyrics that just make me smile, especially the opening lines.  The album as a whole is a great assortment of different sounds that somehow combine into one cohesive group that is powerful.

RIYL: Sultan Rouge, Levitation, and Cornucopia
REC: 3,4,5,7,8, 9
DNP: 1
Label: The Pledge
Date Released: Jan 22, 2013
Reviewed By Ethan Graham