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Introducing Rinse Out

MVE Gives A Run Down of KJHK’s New Electronic Show

Every Thursday night from 10 PM until midnight, you can catch the latest in electronic music from the UK and Europe on the Rinse Out.  My name is Mike Van Esler and I’ll be jumping in the mix on my new show, selecting everything from grime, house, techno, UK Funky, and numerous other genres.  I do my best to keep up on the latest releases so, rest assured, only the freshest tunes will be spun.  That doesn’t mean that classics won’t be present, either, as I think it is important to understand how modern sounds evolved.  This is doubly important for music that may not be widely known.

Along those lines, I will provide brief overviews of specific genres when I feel explanations are warranted.  For example, when playing grime, I feel it is important to point out that it is not UK Rap (which is its own thing) due to its lineage.  Evolving from jungle (MCs) and UK garage, grime hangs out around 140 BPM and uses quite different instrumentation compared to rap.

To give you a sense of what sort of stuff will be played, here are some important record labels: Butterz, Hotflush, Night Slugs, Rinse, Boy Better Know, Formula, Harddrive, Swamp81, Numbers, Symbols, and Fade To Mind.

If you’re looking for audio examples of the sorts of stuff I’ll be playing, feel free to scrub through these two mixes I did recently (the second one includes strong language):

And remember, there will be no brostep being played on the show.  Only next level tunes.



Written by Mike Van Esler. Tune into Rinse Out every Thursday night from 10-midnight on 90.7fm KJHK.