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Paul McCartney

The “New” album from Paul McCartney

I don’t even know how to begin to review a McCartney album. I mean, this guy is a legend! It is amazing to me that he is in his 70s and still writing music, good music, maybe even great music. It is not surprising because, come on, it’s freakin Paul McCartney but it is just incredible. McCartney accomplishes no small feat with his latest NEW release. He sounds like the McCartney we all know and love but fresh and current. This is probably due to the help of four different talented young producers.  This gives the album immense diversity. “Queenie Eye” is my personal favorite, upbeat, piano driven, with a beautiful melody backed by guitar riffs and classical instruments; it’s the ultimate combination of everything that Paul loves. “Early Days” is an acoustic recollection of Paul’s life as a teenager with John.  The title track “New” is a pop love song that has a similar melody to “When I’m Sixty Four”. “Appreciate” on the other hand sounds more like an updated McCartney II.  “Everybody Out There” is another one of my favorites; it is classic acoustic guitar Flaming Pie era Paul. Obviously, I have made comparisons to his previous stuff but I still find this album to be completely fresh, new and exciting. I love it, but I am bit bias.

Recommended tracks-4, 6, 2, 8, 5, 3, 10 All!

Similar Artist-Fireman, Wings, this one band called The Beatles, seriously if you don’t know what this guy sounds like you should seriously reevaluate your decisions.

Label: MPL

Release: October 14, 2013

Reviewed by Emilie Stafford