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Windback to Woodstock

Sweetwater craze

Hello KJHK listeners,

I ‘ve been on a Sweetwater craze lately. No, not the new water sweeteners like Mio, but the 60’s & 70’s baroque pop/ folk group who was one of the first band to play at Woodstock. Richie Havens was the first artist to play on that famous stage, but Sweetwater followed with their mystical and psychedelic set. I started listening to this band a couple months back, and fell in love instantly.

In their self-titled debut album, the track Motherless Child opens the LP with a Gregorian chant-like intro where the voices seemingly soar through the speakers and into the listener’s ear. Then, things pick up a bit with hand percussion, drum set, guitar, cello, keys, and flute. The lead singer, Nancy Nevins, has a gorgeous voice that really shines in their track, “In a Rainbow”. Nevins writes, “Color vibrations passing me by. Some going through me not telling me why”. This psychedelic imagery is painted vividly through beautiful melody, harmony and change in rhythm that fills you with an indescribable mood. Tune into my show to hear Sweetwater and other amazing bands from the era of peace and love.


Written by Cole Eisenmenger. Tune into Windback to Woodstock every Saturday night from 8-10pm. on 90.7fm KJHK.