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For when you need some synth-y 80s-esqu instrumental 

Oceanside is the first EP for New York’s new act, Reputante, and was released on Julian Casablancas’ Cult Records. This album has a sound comparable to the Magnetic Fields with vocals similar to The Strokes (go figure) and The National. The opening track, “Lock Me Up,” begins the EP with upbeat melodies and various instruments making it a relatively catchy song. The second track and single is just as catchy if not more so. This track is probably the strongest in the entire EP, whose sound shifts slightly to emotional vocals and lyrics with “Safe N’ Sound.” It gets a bit repetitive as it goes, though the EP picks up again with “Sing to You,” which is purposefully meaningless with lyrics like “There’s no meaning to this song/I don’t want to think it through/I just want to sing to you.” There is some happy whistling that comes in halfway through if you’re into that sort of thing. The EP ends with a slightly brooding track titled “Neighbor.” This gives off a sad bastard vibe similar to The National. Overall, this EP features well-crafted tunes, though nothing extraordinary. It is a good play for anyone who likes deep vocals with synthy, 80s-esque instrumentals.

RIYL: The Strokes, Magnetic Fields, The National

REC: 1 & 2

Reviewed by Rachel Bennett on December 4, 2013