Dog Bite—Tranquilizers

Vibe It Up

Phil Jones’ solo side project, Dog Bite, combines elements of shoegaze and chillwave with his sophomore album, Tranquilizers. This album is very similar to his first album, Velvet Changes, in the way the mellow synthesized guitar combines with the reverbed beat creating a mellow grove. This dream pop band produces a quality sound. Definitely worth a play or two on air. The album as a whole may be a little repetitive at times, but the well-crafted vocals add some variety. The all-instrumental first track introduces the album well and the next few tracks have a great flow. The last track seems the most out of place, yet still works well with the other songs. Vibe it up with Dog Bite’s Tranquilizers.

Rec: 1, 3, and 8


Reviewed by Rachel Bennett on February 16, 2014


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