From start to finish this EP is fresh, accessible and energizing.

Hembree is a KC/Lawrence based band with a knack for producing catchy and intriguing tracks. Their singles “New Oasis” and “Walk Alone” have already been getting loads of air time but this new EP offers even more rad tunes. Hembree was formerly Lawrence local darling Quiet Corral. The band not only has a new name but an entirely new sound. They kept their sublime production quality and lovely harmonies but lost the folk elements. Isaac Flynn is now the main lyricist and vocalist bringing a distinctive indie sound.

New Oasis fits perfectly into the college alternative rock division. The EP starts out with “Whistler” featuring guitar riffs with an Americana feel but a chorus laden with groovy synths. One could even venture to say it resembles the transition from Quiet Corral to Hembree.  “New Oasis” is an expansive song showcasing everything the band is capable of. The listener is flooded by prominent drums, accessible lyrics and a ridiculously cool build up to layers upon layers of guitar, bass, keyboards and drums all blended smoothly to make one impactful ending. “Subtle Step” is heavily synth focused track with a groovy chorus and danceable melody. “October” is an upbeat track with gorgeous harmonies, expressive lyrics and a warm atmosphere. “Walk Alone” features a kickin bass line, superb drums and a contagious chorus. “Six Years” is the final track on the EP with layers of guitars, rhythmic lyrics and a few unpredictable movements. The track is mesmerizing at times with the second verse packed full of grooves and infectious keyboards.It wraps up the EP perfectly and leaves the listener wanting more.

Hembree is completely doing their own thing and I love it. From start to finish this EP is fresh, accessible and energizing.  I am sure I won’t be the only one at KJHK to fall in love with New Oasis.

Recommended if you like: Spoon, Foals, Vampire Weekend, Bombay Bicycle Club (they don’t really sound like any of these but they have a lot of the same elements)

Recommend tracks: play all of them

Reviewed by Emilie Stafford January 20, 2015

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