Dan Deacon: Gliss Riffer

Self-produced with tender love and care.

Dan Deacon follows his superb 2012 release, America, with Gliss Riffer–a fun electronic escape. Deacon is known for his whimsical live shows as well as his critically acclaimed albums.

On Gliss Riffer he returns to some of his earlier work relying on uptempo electronic tracks which energize the listener. “Feel the Lightning” starts off the album with an electro pop vibe and morphed vocals. “Sheathed Wings” is a grand explosion of dynamic vocals and loops. “Meme Generator” is fine example of vigor. It has an infectious beat and a melody that reminds me of a video game theme. “When I Was Done Dying” shifts the focus toward Deacon’s unique vocals similar to that of Animal Collective. The song transitions into groovy tribal-esque melody. “Learning to Relax” is a track with a rapid beat wrapped up by synths and reverb.

The album is packed tight with all the right jamz. Deacon self-produced this album and you can tell that it was done so with tender love and care. He gave listeners some accessible tunes while still remaining true to his acoustic electro eccentricity.

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Recommended tracks: “Meme Generator,” “When I Was Done Dying,” “Feel the Lightning,” “Learning to Relax,” and  “Sheathed Wings”

Reviewed by Emilie Stafford on March 9, 2015

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