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Susanna Rose: Snowbound

rsz_susanna_rose_snowboundSusanna Rose’s Snowbound is a solid folk album that properly maintains a calm and meditative tone with the use of arpeggios, harmonic choruses, and appropriate guest instruments that fill out the sound so you have time to think about the lyrics before the next verse comes in. The album stays in a folky comfort zone, not attempting to challenge the norms in order to set the band apart. However, that doesn’t make Rose’s voice any less emotional or the chords any less bittersweet.

I enjoy how the album tells a story from start to finish. Susanna begins the album with a song of longing and tribulation then tells the story of a break up. After that point, Susanna sings to herself (see the song “Song to Myself”) about reassurance and rebuilding her life. The whole album has a simple premise and a humble execution. There’s nothing extraordinary, but that adds to its charm.

Recommended If You Like: Sun Kil Moon, Kings of Convenience, Jose Gonzalez

Recommended Tracks: 1 (Working Girl), 6 (Lullaby), 3(Old Broken Heart)

Do Not Play: None

Written by Shane Blair on 02/18/16

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