Animal Collective: Painting With

ANIMAL-COLLECTIVE-PAINTING-WITH-PANDA_optBaltimore electronic-pop group, Animal Collective, has returned with a delightful spring release from DominoPainting With. Active since 1999, AC is Avey Tare, Panda Bear, Deakin, and Geologist.

Animal Collective’s eleventh full-length studio album is just as good as the previous ten. Painting With is upbeat with a driving urgency throughout. The intricate layering of sounds in this album feels almost otherworldly. Are all the Animal Collective members aliens? Maybe.

“FloriDaDa” is a track sure to get stuck in your head, but the rest of the songs are not to be ignored. The synths from “On Delay” and summery beats in “Golden Gal” are other standout moments. Though Animal Collective is deep into their career, the playfulness and energy are just as present as ever.

Recommended If You Like: Dirty Projectors, Dan Deacon, tUnE-yArDs

Recommended Tracks: 8 (On Delay), 1 (FloriDaDa), 11 (Golden Gal), 6 (Natural Selection), 7 (Bagels in Kiev)

Do Not Play: None

Written by Liz James on 03/11/16