Port Cities: Port Cities

Releasing their first full length album, Port Cities is sure to burst into the pop alternative scene. Their sound is dynamic, with “a perfect blend of Nashville and Nova Scotia” as noted in the band’s website biography. They’re able to broadcast a beautiful blend of harmonies incorporated into dazzling riffs that keep you tuned in track after track. “On the Nights You Stay Home,” comes across as an easy going tune about persuading someone to come out for a night out on the town, but after a few listens you start to hear the darker undertones of secrecy creeping in. They seamlessly integrate heartfelt topics into dance-along tunes using their complementary voices. Port Cities and their self-titled album have set themselves up for success, and I’m excited to see where they go from here.

Recommended If You Like: Sheppard, Rilo Kiley, The Head and The Heart
Recommended Tracks: 2 (Don’t Say You Love Me), 6 (Half the Way), 7 (On the Nights You Stay Home)
Do Not Play: 8 (Where Have You Been?)
Written by Savannah Adams on 02/06/2017