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Sinkane: Life & Livin’ It

Sinkane’s latest release, Life & Livin’ It, comes shy of three years after previous release, Mean Love. With a dynamic blend of afro-rock and funk layered throughout the majority of the tracks, Life & Livin’ It takes Sinkane’s multi-instrumental depth to a whole new level. Opening track “Deadweight” makes for a unique introduction to the rest of the record, with soulful vocals complemented by plenty of guitars and dance-y beats. The track almost seems more of an invitation to explore a narrative displayed more prominently on other tracks, a narrative that allows for Sinkane to sharpen the sounds and blur the lines between various genres, which come together in harmony throughout.
One of the most notable qualities about the album lies in its universality in terms of how it can be played. Though the majority of album could bring any listener up on their feet and to the dance floor, the album is also well-suited for those feel-good, lazy summer days when all one needs is a soundtrack to go along with them. Tracks like “Theme From Life & Livin’ It” remind listeners of Sinkane’s knack for creating a sound that is warm and inviting enough to draw people in without running the risk of going overboard or being repetitive. Every melody and hook on the album flow naturally and never once come across as overworked, which can be hard to avoid when a musician’s distinct sound seems to blend genres. Other tracks like “U’Huh” and “Favorite Song” which both rely on a somewhat formulaic verse-chorus structure make up for it in the sheer amount of funk and soulfulness that rests within the guitars and brass lines. Life & Livin’ It arrives at just the right time for those in need of some tunes for warm weather date nights or, simply, for those who need an album packed with songs that will electrify that dancing spirit within them.

Recommended If You Like: Charles Bradley, Atomic Bomb! Band
Recommended Tracks: 2 (U’Huh), 3 (Favorite Song), 5 (Telephone), 9 (The Way)
Do Not Play: None
Written by Andrew Chavez on 04/23/2017