Malicious Intent


It is not often that a band as divisive as Ghost Bath comes around.

Radio Afrika

Welcome to Afro Rock

For The Record


Down With Cover Slips

Getting to Know LFK: Kansas Audio-Reader Network

Audio-Reader closed circuit radio

There is another radio broadcaster sharing a home at KU you’ve probably never tuned in to- the Kansas Audio Reader Network.

Plow The Fields

SCHWERVON Press Photos @ W 68th St - 04/30/2013

Interview with Schwervon



BB King’s Ultimate Jam: 45 Years Later Completely Well Still “Thrills”

Todd Snider


Most concerts don’t begin with an apology, but that’s exactly that Todd Snider did on February 15th in front of a sold-out crowd at Knucklehead’s Saloon in Kansas City.

pizza power

slice of pepperoni pizza

I’ll be posting weekly updates regarding some local shows, with a focus on Pizza Power events.


Oh geeze. [Blushing] I hope Katie-Senpai notices me this Valentine's day...

Teddy bears around every grocery store corner, invasive internet ads for engagement rings, hues of red and pink everywhere- Valentine’s day is looming near.

The Rinse Out: February Selections


Two new grime releases and an album from a legendary director!