A New Era

African Rhythm Messengers: Bottom Belle

bottom belle

For world music enthusiasts or even those looking to broaden their palette, this is a must.

Malicious Intent

The Contortionist deliver once again with an ambitious progressive metal epic.

Jazz’s New Leadership


Jazz as pop music? Is Eisenhower still President? Am I watching too much Mad Men?

The Rinse Out Is Back In Session

rustie green language

MVE and the Rinse Out are ready to shell down the airwaves of Lawrence once again.

KJHK World Music Blog


Welcome to the KJHK World Music Blog! Here you’ll find updated content from KJHK’s world music programming!

My Fantasy: Week One


Radio Afrika – Mieko Ikegame Interview


Mieko currently works in the Office of the Special Adviser on Africa (OSAA) at the United Nations.

Welcome to KJHK


Get To Know Your Campus Radio Station!

Dancing Bear Variety Hour, Ep. 8


On the May episode of DBVH, we provide passive-aggressive life advice, the latest Khaled Sheikh Mohammed sports analysis, and misleadingly suggestive audio. Plus, the next episode of the USS Carpathia!!