Death Grips: The Powers That B


The punkest rap album OF ALL TIME.

Temple Invisible: Enter


Temple Invisible combines grimy, glitchy synths and drums with dirty guitars and a soft female lead to create a solid, sci-fi sounding album

THEESatisfaction: EarthEE


THEESatisfaction  blurs lines between genres while putting forth bold ideas.

Diplo: F10rida


Not a single bad track on this deluxe album.

Absolutely Free: Absolutely Free


These dudes know how to make intriguing psychedelic tunes.

Hudson Mohawke: Chimes EP


Burst of electronic video game energy

Arca: Xen


Abrasive and beautiful, quirky and haunting.

Jessie Ware: Tough Love


Soulful and catchy.

Mr Twin Sister: Mr Twin Sister


Triumph over trial.

Caribou: Our Love


This is an ambitious, confident, and beautiful album from one of the best producers on the scene.  Dan Snaith settled into the electronic and dance music scene with his previous two albums, Swim and Andorra.  Before that, Snaith spent time exploring almost every genre thinkable.  Our Love is the result of a synthesis of his entire career, combining elements of orchestral, instrumental, and dance music into a sweeping, mature, and incredibly well produced inspection of love and relationships.  This is an extremely personal album, introspective, intimate, intriguing, and joyful.  Our Love encompasses the incredible highs and the devastating lows of the entanglement of two lives authentically and entirely. The constantly changing and evolving nature of…