Malicious Intent


It is not often that a band as divisive as Ghost Bath comes around.

Malicious Intent

The Mysterious Ways of Repetitive Art

2015 is upon us and I’ve got some music to share with you guys.

Malicious Intent

Saor - Aura

5 round-up reviews for albums from 2014 you NEED to check out.

Malcious Intent


That’s right. After a brief absence, the program is back!

Malicious Intent

The Contortionist deliver once again with an ambitious progressive metal epic.

Overkill on Malicious Intent


DJ Lector speaks with Blitz at The Beaumont Club this Thursday.

Extreme Metal for this week Coming up!

On the Malicious Intent blog former DJ Wulf did a review on the Abigail Williams Album and gave it a good score.   Because of the good review, “Becoming” will be the featured this week!   Also for hour number 2 we are going to play mainly classic New Wave of British Heavy Metal bands and classic Death and black Metal only.   Requests will be accepted as well!   DJ Lector!

Goatwhore – Blood for the Master is the Album of the week

This sunday, we will feature the Following bands Goatwhore, Aggression, Beneath the Massacre and Eluveitie who just did a solid set at the Granada with Children of Bodom. Check out the show at 10 pm on 90.7 and checkout these new bad ass tracks.

Dark Apostle will be here to show their evil presence!

This week we will have a killer Black/Thrash Metal band out of Topeka known as Dark Apostle coming in on Sunday. They will not only do the interview but will play there favorite metal songs as well!

Malicious Intent

Malicious Intent is the special program for metal music. As the name suggests, this program is special for its hard and heavy character. The goal of this show is to provide the audiences the best metal music, whether it is old or recent; from NWOBHM to progressive metal; from Norwegian Black Metal to Florida Death Metal. Malicious Intent provides a wide range of high quality music for those who adore the beauty of the darkness, grimness and passion of heavy metal. by yifu huang tune in to malicious intent every sunday from from 10 p.m. to midnight.